The CULTURIZER platform is a digital solution with which you can actively and sustainably design and shape the culture in your company!



Teams are 5 to 10 colleagues who work together on their culture.


Culture Hacks

Measures or agreements to actively shape culture.

Daniela Schuon

Director Learning & Development @ GARDENA Division/Husqvarna Group

“Our managers can use the CULTURIZER to involve their employees in their team journey interactively and without external moderation. Based on our strategic initiative “What can I do!”, we have created a customized learning journey consisting of a total of 7 workshop modules.”

Markus Prokarra

Head of HR TTS/Festool

“We are actively working on our strategic Culture-Journey@TTS with the CULTURIZER. In the first phase, we were able to involve over 1,000 employees worldwide in a dialogical analysis process. We are now rolling out the team journeys across all teams in the entire organization in a self-controlled manner. Team-specific hacks are being defined and tracked in an active dialog to provide us with significant support in implementing our TTS2030 strategy.”

The importance of corporate culture has grown significantly in recent years.

All companies must actively consider HOW collaboration will work in the future. It is not least the shortage of skilled labour that is causing a rethink. This is also confirmed by the latest studies:

Culture is THE strategic success factor


of skilled professionals consider the corporate culture very important


of CEOs believe that culture is the biggest financial performance factor.

Start your cultural work right away


Measure corporate and team culture.

Cultural development becomes a “hard factor” and can be managed!

Digital & Virtual

Analog, hybrid and remote use

The teams can exchange ideas intensively, even if they are not in the same place!


for the entire company

The more people and teams actively get involved, the more successful the shaping of the culture will be!

The solution

We have the right solution for your challenge

In the CULTURIZER platform you will find workshop modules that can be used as a plug and play solution. Our module library covers all relevant cultural topics and is constantly growing.

If required, the content of the modules can be customized.

Or we can develop completely new modules with and for you co- creatively.

Do you want to strategically shape your corporate culture?

With our modules for dialogic analysis, you can conduct a well-founded survey of the current culture and actively involve a large number of people in the process.

As soon as the target culture – for example in the form of values – has been defined, the teams can carry out an intensive assessment of the current situation and start implementing it immediately using culture hacks.

Modules with which you can strategically shape your corporate culture:


the framework for analyzing the as-is culture and shaping the target culture


The values dialog to determine the team’s current position

Do you want to increase productivity, innovation and loyalty?

In the modules from this thematic area, the teams learn and reflect together on the basis of one focus topic each, such as error culture. The advantage of learning and reflecting together is the smooth transition to action orientation by redesigning the team culture.

Example modules in this subject area are:


Visualize the team’s network and optimize relationships


Reflect on how we deal with mistakes and learn and grow together

Do you want to develop your potential and celebrate success?

Diverse teams are more productive, more innovative and strengthen loyalty to the company. However, without a consistent implementation of the DEIB culture, the existing potential will not be utilized. We accompany teams on their DEIB journey and thus enable the development of a truly diverse culture. We accompany teams on their DEIB journey, enabling the development of a truly diverse culture.

Collaborations with the absolute top experts such as the AllBright Foundation in the individual areas help us to design these journeys authentically and sustainably.

You design your DEIB Journey like this, for example:


Get to know the DEIB dimensions and carry out a team check – The start of your DEIB Journey


Strengthen the empowerment of women and enable equality

How it works

How easy the CULTURIZER works

You can implement cultural dialog throughout the entire company in simple steps. Our Plug and Play workshop modules are designed to work for all teams!



It really is super easy! Take a look at our workshop library and choose the right workshop modules for your company. Our team will be happy to help and advise you. And then you simply enter the email addresses of the team leads.



The CULTURIZER is designed in such a way that you don’t need any facilitation experience as a team leader. And no, you don’t have to be a “digital native” either! Onboarding takes place directly in the CULTURIZER platform.


Team Journey

Team Journeys are the core of our cultural journey.

Teams go through a workshop module without external facilitation. At the end, they collect culture hacks, concrete measures for cultural change.

A maximum of 4 hacks are integrated into the daily work routine. Team members receive weekly reminders and evaluate the implementation.

A team check takes place every 4-6 weeks for reflection. After 3 checks at the latest, a new workshop module begins.




Progress in cultural work is made visible via the dashboards.
For the teams themselves, to keep an eye on progress and setbacks.
For the company as a whole, in order to be able to control the cultural process.

Because measurability is the basis for sustainable development!

Any questions? You can find the answers in the product tour.

Here you can find out in detail how easy the CULTURIZER works and how you can use our platform in your company.

what it costs

Culture development does not have to be expensive!

Imagine assigning a coach or consultant to every team in the company for one year. Exactly, you would have to dig deep into your pockets. With us, you will receive intensive support for a year. And pay less than a consultant’s daily rate…


Free of charge

6 weeks

max. 3 teams


Start your Team Journey

Culture Hacking

Design your culture


1,200 €/ team

1 year

from 1 team

Discounts up to 40%


Start your Team Journey

Culture Hacking

Design your culture

3 modules

deepens the dialog with three modules


1,800 € / team

1 year

from 10 teams

Discounts up to 40%


Start your Team Journey

Culture Hacking

Design your culture

3 modules

deepens the dialog with three modules


Individual customization of the selected modules



duration by agreement

from 50 teams

We develop your customized CULTURIZER together


We love (our) culture!

We work every day to remain the most effective and personal software solution for corporate culture!

The CULTURIZER essentially contains two ingredients: Experience and passion.

In 2018, Dr. Georg Wolfgang and Lorenz S. Forchhammer founded Culturizer GmbH as a spin-off of ComTeam AG. Our digital platform therefore incorporates several decades of consulting, cultural and transformation experience. We see ourselves as dialog architects.

The result is that the CULTURIZER is so simple in the end that really EVERYONE can design their own culture.

We are the CULTiTEAM

We are currently a diverse team of 14 people, in which people with different backgrounds and experiences come together AND all pursue the same mission.


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