Why culture?


The structural background work is done: The organisational structure is fit for the future, the processes have been optimised and state-of-the-art systems are in place.

However, this is not sufficient for strategic objectives such as “digitisation”, “innovation” or even “new business models”.

The corporate culture must be made future-proof, which means conducting dialogues to check the behavioural patterns of all relevant team combinations. Changes can then be made to ensure maximum alignment with a specific, overarching objective.

The solution.


A cultural change requires time and space for joint dialogue. This may be feasible for individual teams, but achieving synchronisation throughout the company seems impossible. Consequently, new guidelines are often communicated in the form of campaigns, but with no real changes taking place.

The Culturizer can be used to guide the entire company through a dialogue-oriented development process. This results in more efficient, more targeted individual workshops. It also enables comparisons across teams.

Culturizer im Einsatz. Unternehmenskultur lässt sich bewerten und planen

With Culturizer PROFILES and Culturizer PROGRESS, the Culturizer Suite offers two digital tools that support company change processes effectively and comprehensively, either separately or together. The Culturizer Suite enables the dialogue required to make cultural work measurable and assists

significantly in the implementation of necessary and meaningful change in everyday business life. Culturizer PROFILES and Culturizer PROGRESS deliver impulses at all the essential points of the change process and make cultural work effective and manageable even in larger companies and business units.

Overview of the Culturizer® Suite Products

Culturizer PROFILES Culturizer PROGRESS

Getting started

Together, you will clarify the term, corporate culture, and discuss the unambiguous rules in your company.

As-is profile

By creating an intuitive and analytical as-is profile, you develop a clear picture of your corporate culture.


Together, you clarify what makes you and your current culture successful and strong.


In this step, you discuss guidelines and other factors in your culture change process.

Target profile

You prioritize your relevant culture fields and design the appropriate target culture for the strategic success of your company.


Having recognized the necessary changes, future behaviour is planned on this basis.


It enables a team-wide, uniform process by creating focus topics and central storylines.


By focusing on one topic at a time, you can bring about changes in a 3-month cycle.


You compile future behaviour patterns and make concrete agreements about how to apply them.

Moments of Truth

With moments of truth, you anticipate situations in which your behaviours pay off strongly toward the target culture.


Every 3 weeks you reflect and evaluate your progress and plan further measures.


After you have successfully worked through the 3-month cycle on a cultural topic, you focus on the next topic.



Participants can design the culture in a creative and innovative way.


The teams progress through the development process independently and autonomously.


The design of the procedure is geared towards ensuring commitment to long-term changes.


The discussion is designed to encourage different perspectives and viewpoints.


Culture takes effect through cooperation and is therefore the subject of mutual reflection and design in a dialogue.


The design of the culture is intended to secure the future of the company.

Culturizer® PROFILES

Profiles Team

for autonomous teams

up to 10
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Profiles Consultant

for consultants in a face-to-face workshop or a virtual environment

up to 24
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Profiles Conference

for large groups and events

up to 500
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Profiles TEAM

Our vision of autonomous cultural development is already a reality in Culturizer® PROFILES TEAM, the cornerstone of our service. A team is guided through the entire process by the web app using audiovisual control, from a shared understanding to corporate culture and even to specific measures for achieving the target culture. From a single manager working with the team to multiple teams synchronised within a company, Culturizer® PROFILES TEAM can easily handle any scenario.

With overarching cultural development processes in particular, one question soon arises: how to reach a significant number of teams without the need to organise thousands of workshops with external facilitation. At this point, companies frequently resort to marketing gimmicks and generate brilliant concepts that are passed on from the top down. But this does not result in actual change. All relevant contexts – in other words, teams within the line or cross-functional or cross-regional teams – must be involved in a joint design process. The Culturizer® makes this pragmatically achievable for the first time.

Special features

Even the standard Team version can be used to create personalised custom screens in the right places, either for the company as a whole or individually for each area or for specific hierarchy levels.

Switching between videos and the app allows a smooth, seamless transition to ensure optimised process support for the teams.

Service components

Events can be created via the back end and licences can be allocated.

Editor for individual custom screens at designated points.

Comprehensive evaluation of the corporate culture.


By consultants for consultants: Culturizer® PROFILES CONSULTANT enables an entirely new form of workshop facilitation in cultural processes. Intensive discussions are conducted in small groups on up to four devices. The findings are synchronised by regularly switching to the main screen for plenary discussions. The consultant can choose whether the sessions should be purely digital or blended with flip charts and presentation pins.

From setup to measures. Guide your group through the entire procedure via the back end. You can also create evaluations of different workshops that clearly indicate the effectiveness of your work and the development of the corporate culture. Culturizer® PROFILES Consultant offers conventional functionality in face-to-face workshops, and can also be used virtually for cross-site teams. When using suitable web conferencing software (such as Adobe Connect or WebEx), you can send the team into the discussion in individual sequences, in break-out rooms.

Special features

You control the entire workshop via the main screen. Part of the time is spent performing plenary work with the whole team. At other times, up to four small groups work on devices (laptop or tablet). The results are displayed live on the main screen.

The small groups can present their findings in a plenary session after the discussion. This provides transparency and ensures a universal understanding among the participants.


Access to the back end for planning and evaluation of individual workshops.

Implementation of the workshop in one event or split into several sessions.

Individual evaluation options across the workshops.

If you are experienced in workshop facilitation and cultural consulting, you can get started right away. You can learn about all the key elements of the Culturizer® in the back end via the tutorials. If you have further questions, we will be happy to help.


A highlight in cultural development processes: Large group events. High risk and high fun. It can also be productive to conduct a dialogue with a large number of participants. The participants are given comprehensive instructions on the main stage so that they can then discuss individual sequences within small teams. The results are shown and evaluated live on the conference screen. This can engender a great deal of energy and optimism.

Whether the event has been planned previously or an extra event is being scheduled for the cultural process, Culturizer® PROFILES CONFERENCE is customised accordingly to ensure that precisely the right discussions can be held with an appropriate level of detail. The more people are involved in cultural development, the more sustainable the processes will be. So why not include up to 500 participants at once?

Special features

The "Location", "Function" and "Hierarchy level" can be specified as the comparison criterion by default. The Culturizer® calculates averages and makes comparisons based on this data.

Tablets, laptops or fixed workstations can be used as the devices for small groups. The login process is remarkably easy for the participants. Simply enter the eight-digit ID under "Conference Login", which is quick and easy to access on the Culturizer website.

Service components

Support with the design and setup for the event.

Customisation to ensure that the individual requirements of each event are met.

Intuitive control via the main screen and connection to the devices.

Culturizer® PROGRESS

The digital team board for continual development

The Culturizer PROGRESS is a collaborative platform for teams to agree on and implement concrete measures.

More info

The intensive dialogue in workshops often leads to concrete agreements. But back in everyday work, teams fail time and again to implement those agreements. Culturizer PROGRESS makes continual and self-directed reflection on individual focus topics possible. The agile process enables sustainable change to habitual behaviour patterns.

Particularly in comprehensive culture development processes, one question quickly arises: How do we reach significant numbers of team without organizing thousands of externally moderated workshops? Companies will then often reach into a marketing bag of tricks to create great concepts to be passed down from top to bottom. But real change doesn’t work this way. Rather, the full integration of all teams – line, cross-functional and cross-regional – into a common design process, is required. With the Culturizer, this can be realized for the first time.

Special features

Multiple administrators can create focus topics and manage projects together.

Uniform culture messages can be anchored across the company with Culturizer PROGRESS.

We-messages are shared between teams via the editorial process.

Service components

Unlimited number of contact points / users

Agile culture process management

Discretion: anonymous individual rating

Experience meets vision.

ComTeam has been active in the field of corporate culture for decades and has its own models and procedural concepts. This experience forms the basis of the Culturizer®.

The cultural profile indicator, the model used to analyse corporate cultures, was established several decades ago and has since been continuously enhanced using the experience gained from hundreds of workshops. The analogue procedure is the precursor to the Culturizer®. Over 700 internal and external consultants have purchased a licence for this, and have used the tool successfully themselves.

Learn more about ComTeam here.

“As an agile web tool, the Culturizer offers an optimal opportunity to work interactively and sustainably with globally distributed teams.”

brigitte schultz

leader Internal learning, sap intelligent enterprise Group

“The digital approach helps involve as many people as possible in shaping our corporate culture and makes comprehensive evaluation possible as well.”

Dr. Rainer Klose

human resources development, deutsche telekom ag

“Finally, a tool to get a grip on corporate culture and create a dialogue around it.”


HR Business Partner, Vattenfall GmbH

“Your system is a great way to convey core messages and also helps ‘non-experts’ like us to organise and run meaningful workshops on the topic of corporate culture.”

Dr. Jutta Matreux


The people

“The Culturizer® is the future of cultural activities.”


CEO Culturizer GmbH

Lorenz Forchhammer

“The Culturizer® provides me and the consultants at ComTeam unique new options for individual workshops and, in particular, for major cultural projects.”


Co-Founder Culturizer GmbH //
Senior Partner ComTeam AG

“Awareness of the own culture and the permanent work on it is a prerequisite for the sustainable economic success of companies.”


Co-Founder Culturizer GmbH

“Research shows that cultural work is successful, if it involves everyone in the company and is implemented in small steps – that’s exactly what we do with the Culturizer®.”


Team Culturizer GmbH (on parental leave)

“We combine a proven and validated approach with the benefits of digital web-apps for the most innovative tools in cultural development.”


Team Culturizer GmbH

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