How easy the CULTURIZER works

Here we show you step by step how easy the CULTURIZER works and how you can use our platform in your company.

Because our motto is: Design! Your! Culture!

These success factors decide the Cultural development.

The CULTURIZER has been developed in such a way that any number of teams can carry out self-directed workshop modules without external or internal facilitation. The team journeys are complemented by culture hacking, whereby the successful implementation of the hacks is continuously scrutinized and assessed.


the culture must be reflected on and changed together! Mere surveys or communication do not lead to change.


Only when many (project and line) teams actively shape their culture can the corporate culture change! Working only with managers or individual teams is not enough.

Change in everyday working life

Measures and agreements must be anchored and reflected in day-to-day work! Just being accompanied in a workshop does not lead to lasting change.

All functions step by step.

You can anchor the cultural dialog throughout the entire company in simple steps.

In the setup you select the workshop modules for your company. Our Plug and Play workshop modules are designed to work for all teams!

During onboarding, the team leads, e.g. the managers, prepare individually for the team journey.

The EXPLORE module can be the starting point for any team.

The workshop module is followed by culture hacking. This involves establishing hacks, i.e. specific measures and agreements in everyday working life.

Measurability is enormously important in order to make the culture sustainable. Reporting motivates both at team and company level.

Start your cultural work right away

1. setup

Fast setup

You select the workshop modules that best suit your company. These form the basis for the Team Journeys. You can choose the modules from our existing library. Our subject areas cover all relevant perspectives of corporate culture.

You can choose from three service areas:

  • SHOP means you use our “plug and play” standard modules from our library.
  • BOUTIQUE means that we adapt the selected modules to your wishes and circumstances.
  • MANUFAKTUR means that we develop completely customized solutions with you.

All current modules at a glance

Culture Start


Discover the cultural development potential in your team and start your team dialog.

Strategic cultural work


The framework for analyzing the as-is culture and shaping target culture


The values dialog to determine the team’s current position

Innovation & Loyalty


Visualize the team’s network and optimize relationships


Reflect on how we deal with mistakes and learn and grow together


Recognizing team stress and strengthening team resilience


Optimize cohesion and communication.


Developing talents, strengths and potential.


Reduce distractions and enable deep work.


Shaping team organization according to new principles.


Incorporating customer centricity into everyday working life


Organize collaboration and create the basis for team norms

Diversity, Equity,
Inclusion & Belonging


Get to know the DEIB dimensions and carry out a team check – the start of your DEIB Journey.


Strengthen the empowerment of women and enable equality


Understanding the origin of stereotyping in order to develop diversity


Get to know the basics and pillars of Allyship.


Using neurodiversity as a success factor in the company

2. onboarding

Simple onboarding

Every good journey needs a guide. We call this role Teamlead. The manager often takes on this role.

The team leads can prepare themselves individually for the Journey in the CULTURIZER Dashboard and experience the workshop modules in advance via demos.

PDF downloads for the steps in the module or FAQ lists complete the onboarding.

And if in doubt, the team leads can also reach us via live chat!

The CULTURIZER has been specially developed for team leaders who have no moderation training and are not digitally savvy.

3. Team Journey

Autonomous Team Journeys

A culture does not develop overnight. This is why team journeys are needed that extend over a longer period of time. Ideally as an integral part of teamwork.

Workshop modules help the team to reflect on their collaboration.

Hacks are concrete measures or agreements that enable new patterns of behavior.

Checks are short meetings in which the team discusses progress and plans the next sprint. In other words, the period until the next check or module.

During the sprints, everyone in the team receives regular reminders and assesses the implementation of the hacks.


4. module Explore

The EXPLORE module

The EXPLORE workshop module is the perfect start to any Team Journey. The team gets to know the CULTURIZER procedure and carries out a team check.

This module consists of three steps:

  • Intro: Information on the CULTURIZER approach and start of the discussion based on the characteristics of the team
  • Team check: Assessment of the team’s maturity level via theses and design of target images of top issues (e.g. dealing with errors)
  • Culture Hacks: Derivation of concrete measures and agreements to further develop the top issues.

After completing the EXPLORE module, the team can plan the first sprint and focus on a maximum of 4 of the collected hacks for implementation.

5. Culture Hacking

Sustainable change through culture hacking

In addition to exciting and informative workshop modules, culture hacking is the core of CULTURIZER.

Culture Hacks are concrete measures or agreements to change the team culture.

A maximum of 4 hacks are focused on per sprint and firmly anchored in everyday working life. The Friendly Reminder helps here, i.e. a weekly reminder and assessment of how well the hacks have already been implemented.

Based on this data, the team sees the progress and setbacks in the so-called check and can select new hacks for the next sprint.

Culture hacking can bring about lasting and measurable changes to the team culture and therefore also the corporate culture. Strengths can be further strengthened and deficits remedied.

6. Reporting

Our reporting makes the culture measurable and manageable

Measurability is extremely important!

For the individual teams to really see the progress and not have to rely on gut feeling.

For the entire company to see and manage the development of the corporate culture.

Our reporting is designed to ensure the effectiveness of the change. The admins receive all relevant information and data to assess the culture. Progress within the company is also visible.

Together with our clients, we analyze quantitative and qualitative data in order to find insights into the cultural process and use them for further development.

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