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Diverse teams: the driving force behind innovation and success

Diversity in a world full of different perspectives, talents and experiences opens up numerous opportunities. It is more than just differences and becomes a source of creativity, innovation and sustainable success. In a team-oriented environment that values diversity, individual strengths and skills develop in a way that maximizes collective potential.

Only in an environment that promotes diversity can innovative ideas emerge, challenges be overcome and long-term success be achieved.

Innovation und Erfolg

DEIB Dimensions


Differences that unite.

The diversity of a company can be measured by the demographic characteristics of its employees:

Ethnic origin & nationality
Gender & gender identity
Physical & mental abilities
Sexual orientation
Social origin


Justice for all.

All employees have fair and equal access as well as:

Promotion opportunities
individual resources
No barriers
No barriers to success


Everyone is welcome.

Despite differences, everyone in the team is treated and experienced fairly and respectfully:

Barrier-free working environment
Psychological safety
diverse opinions
Bringing in potential


A team where everyone counts.

All employees are respected within the team and the company and therefore can experience:

Team spirit
Different perspectives

DEIB modules

Start your cultural work right away

Our DEIB modules

In the CULTURIZER platform you will find workshop modules that can be used as a plug and play solution. Cooperations with the absolute top experts in the individual areas, such as the AllBright Foundation or UnIQate, help us to make these journeys authentic and sustainable.


Get to know the DEIB dimensions and carry out a team check – The start of your DEIB Journey


Strengthen the empowerment of women and enable equality


Understanding the origin of stereotyping in order to develop diversity


Get to know the basics and pillars of Allyship


Using neurodiversity as a success factor in the company

How it works

And this is how it works.

You can implement cultural dialog throughout the entire company in simple steps. Our Plug and Play workshop modules are designed to work for all teams!



It really is super easy! Take a look at our workshop library and choose the right workshop modules for your company. Our team will be happy to help and advise you. And then you simply enter the email addresses of the team leads.



The CULTURIZER is designed in such a way that you don’t need any facilitation experience as a team leader. And no, you don’t have to be a “digital native” either! Onboarding takes place directly in the CULTURIZER platform.


Team Journey

Team Journeys are the core of our cultural journey.

Teams go through a workshop module without external facilitation. At the end, they collect culture hacks, concrete measures for cultural change.

A maximum of 4 hacks are integrated into the daily work routine. Team members receive weekly reminders and evaluate the implementation.

A team check takes place every 4-6 weeks for reflection. After 3 checks at the latest, a new workshop module begins.



Progress in cultural work is made visible via the dashboards.
For the teams themselves, to keep an eye on progress and setbacks.
For the company as a whole, in order to be able to control the cultural process.

Because measurability is the basis for sustainable development!

Any questions? You can find the answers in the product tour.

Here you can find out in detail how easy the CULTURIZER works and how you can use our platform in your company.


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the working population

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DEI important

Example age diversity:

A generational change and its challenges

An imminent generational change is shaping the world of work. Baby boomers are leaving the market, while GenZ is becoming increasingly present and millennials will make up the majority of the global workforce by 2025. This leads to changes for companies. Millennials are looking for innovative, development-oriented and socially committed employers. Generation Z places great importance on the ethical stance of companies, with 99% emphasizing the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion, of which 87% consider it particularly important.

If you want to convince the specialists of tomorrow to master the challenges of the day after tomorrow, you have to start establishing a corresponding culture today.

The strengths

The strengths of DEIB-Culture

In addition to being a highly attractive employer for future generations, DEIB-Culture offers further decisive advantages:
Diverse teams are more profitable, more innovative and make better decisions faster. There is also greater cohesion and employees are more satisfied overall.
The external impact of DEIB is remarkable: both the corporate image and employer branding are perceived more positively by potential applicants and customers.

It becomes clear that the development and establishment of the DEIB culture pays off from an economic point of view and generally means personal and entrepreneurial growth.

diverse teams

more profitable projects

more innovative teams

Better public image

Our motivation

Making the (working) world a little better!

What motivated us to focus on DEIB? On the one hand, the realization that (global) challenges can only be solved if as many perspectives, points of view and experiences as possible are included. On the other hand, the CULTURIZER team itself! We are diverse, colorful and idealistic. It is important to us that we create a social impact through the CULTURIZER and make the (working) world a little better for everyone!

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In CULTiDEIB, I talk to inspiring people about their experiences and proven strategies aimed at creating a DEIB culture in companies. It is a great journey of reflection, learning and dialog. This is not just about diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging – it is also about us and our personal connections to these issues. Listen to the CULTiDEIB on your favorite platform

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